Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Chopping and changing

After the completion of the first wave of my Dwarf Warrior regiment, I was motivated to start working on the rest of the unit. At this point that really just meant selecting and preparing all the other models for painting, but that in itself took a little while.

Having pondered for a while how best to mix the models into several units, I ended up taking a slightly haphazard approach. Obviously I was starting with 10 Battle for Skull Pass models, which meant those were going to be what I was trying to match with the remaining guys in the unit. I figured the majority of the unit would be either Skull Pass models or the current multi-pose plastics, who are the closest match in terms of appearance. I also decided I could mix in a few much older plastic guys without them looking too out of place.

Unlike the first wave of guys, I ended up modifying nearly all the models making up the rest of the unit. Well, except maybe the multi-pose guys, who already vary a bit depending on how they're assembled. I also made a point of trying to modify some specific models that otherwise would never see a paintbrush.

With 4 sets of Skull Pass Dwarfs, I am somewhat overloaded with command groups for Warriors, Thunderers and Miners. Given I am unlikely to field tons of tiny units with full command, some of these models will doubtless be wasted. Not much can be done for the musicians (with instruments wrapped around their bodies in a way that would be far too difficult to remove), but I think I can make use of some of the others...
The guy on the left is the Skull Pass Thunderer standard bearer. I'm stealing a couple of his clones as guys with great weapons, just to add some variety to the unit.
I'm also making use of a Skull Pass Thunderer champion, although I can't do much to hide his origins thanks to that pistol held against his body.
Originally I figured I would use the Skull Pass Warrior champion as the unit champion, but given I have a few of him, I think he will actually be demoted. The painted one is the same as the original on the left. The others have had weapon swaps and one has been shifted on his base a bit.
In the end I am only including 1 modified regular Skull Pass Warrior, who has also been moved on his base and had a weapon swap.
This guy is the Dwarf Lord from Skull Pass. There is no way I am ever going to use him as a proper character (I have far better models for that), but I have relented and made him the new unit champion in order to ensure he at least sees some use.
Some Fantasy Fighters have found their way into the unit, although they're all bearing more modern shields to help them fit in. There are a couple of weapon swaps, the back left guy has had his rotated, and they've all been re-based.
I've had these guys for many, many years. I think they might have been the first multi-pose models I ever saw from GW. They came in a pack of 3, but I don't know what happened to their friend.
Here are some more modern multi-pose guys who will be joining the unit.
My work with my Empire army has really made me appreciate unit fillers and how they can break up a regiment. I think this will be important for the Dwarfs, so I have made use of one of the Skull Pass Grudge Ponies here. Hopefully I will be able to make use of them as a baggage train for a scenario at some point too.
And here they are, all together. Some more finished than others.
I went for 40 as a nominal number. Anything more than that would be a lot of points for not that much potential. Warriors with hand weapons have never really scared anybody...
Hopefully my next update will involve some decent painting progress.


  1. Would it be possible to use the excess musicians as shield bearers? Perhaps add more green stuff to make them look like harnesses or something? Besides that good work.

    1. I'm not sure. It's a suggestion I will bear in mind if I decide I need a second set of shieldbearers, given that is actually possible now...

  2. really great work on the unit its going to look great !

  3. You could always put all the excess musicians together into one unit to make the 23rd Regimental Dwarf Marching Band... give them funny little hats. Reminds me of high school....

    I think the mixing will look great once they're all painted.

  4. You could always make a unit filler of musicians if there are too many of them, perhaps something like a warcaller filler or something..?
    Basically several people carrying a rather large horn, make it a fun-like musician?

    1. But everyone knows it's not the size of your horn, but how you use it...

      Thanks everyone, I've got a few possibilities now.

  5. Super late in commenting, but given, that I'm also finding myself painting the same BoSP models I found this entry particularly interesting.

    For the various standard bearer I just end up placing them in the unit in the second or third rank, off center.

    This keeps the unit more visually interesting and since the standard is in the back it's very unlikely to lead to any confusion.

    1. I find the idea of moving standards around inside units interesting, especially given that when they have proper banners they often block line of sight to half the unit. But then there were always rules about where the standard bearer was meant to sit, and there was only really meant to be one, etc. Always made me a bit conflicted about it. These things don't matter at all for different games like Kings of War, though.

    2. That's fair, but in the right gaming environment (as yours seems to be) where the focus is mostly on having fun and playing games that have a certain visual appeal; players won't really have a banner (even a ridiculously large one, or multiple ones) block line of sight.

      Sure someone might attempt to "model for advantage" by having a full rank of banners.

      But is that someone you'd really want to play with?

    3. I probably used the wrong words there. I really just meant that often the banner bearer makes it hard to see the other models in the unit. Just from a visual perspective. Thankfully even at tournaments, I don't recall ever actually running into anyone modelling for advantage.