Thursday, 13 March 2014

Painting Fantasy Fighter Dwarfs

Everything old is new again! Well that may not be entirely true, but some of my older Dwarf Warriors have managed to score a shiny new paint job.

Of all the guys I'm planning to put into this unit, the ones from the old Fantasy Fighters box set are the oldest. It's rather surprising then how well they fit in with the newest models in the unit.
4 Dwarfs from the Fantasy Fighters box set from 1992...
These guys actually have a ton of colour on them compared to most Dwarf models because of the material around their shoulders. I nearly abandoned the coloured boots approach because I worried they would be a little over the top. I think it looks fine in the end, however.
Not a lot of detail on these guys. One little "man bag" each.
This guy has grass on his head. Why? Because I didn't notice it until I saw the photo. Don't worry, it will brush off. I hope.
I think I need to work on mixing up some slightly more moderate blues - the contrast between the 3 colours is a little stark. But after this unit. Not going to change my colour palette halfway through.
So surly. I kind of had to paint the eyes on these guys because their faces were a mess without it. Lucky them - almost none of my guys get painted eyes nowadays.
The unit progresses. I am really happy with how easily these old guys fit in with the newer ones.
I feel like I have momentum at the moment. Hopefully there will be more progress soon.