Friday, 21 March 2014

Old School Gyrocopter

I can't say as I am a big fan of the new Dwarf Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber models. They're not really how I picture the machines at all, although I suspect I have just grown accustomed to the older versions. In fact, I never really liked the version that the new models replaced either. I've always been more partial to the 2 versions that are older again - the first and second incarnations of the Gyrocopter. I already had a painted model of the second one, and now I decided it was time to take a break from painting Warriors to paint up my model of the original version.
The original Dwarf Gyrocopter model, with a shiny new paint job.
I had trouble making sense of some of the jumble of pipes etc on the model and as usual I kept things pretty simple. There's a lot of steel here. No way it would ever fly. This is the era of gyrocopter mentioned in the current background - where the pilot had to drop the bombs by hand. Old school.
From the other side you can see his stash of spare bombs next to his foot. Given enough time it might have been fun to paint the bombs up more excitingly with Acme written on them or something, but that is a lot more effort than I tend to be willing to invest in my painting.
I was somewhat at a loss as to what colours to paint the model, given I wasn't really trying to match a unit or anything. He's ended up a little similar to my current batch of Warriors, although I did give him a Bombers (AFL) scarf. Seemed appropriate.
No doubt I will be back onto Dwarf Warriors with the next update. Unless I weaken and decide to paint Ungrim Ironfist. He got a shiny new greenstuff base tonight, so he's clearly getting close.

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  1. Huzzah! A machine which actually looks like Dwarves built it! The new Gyrocopter has far to high a tech-level, and is far to curved to match dwarf style.