Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Orc and Goblin Army Photo

Happy new year! I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post. Well actually, I sort of can believe it, but it fills me with feelings of guilt about my neglect of the blog and stuff, so I shall feign shock at how long at has been...

The new year has started much like the previous one ended. Events are cancelled (we'd normally be getting ready for a road trip up to Cancon now), there is no sure timeline for when the games club will be back up and running, and everything is in a strange holding pattern. It doesn't do great things for my hobby motivation. On the bright side, a few people have started playing some games of 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy (including a game that took place right here, even though I was not involved). It's good to see some games happening again, even if people can't seem to decide exactly what they're going to play.

Recently I've noticed a number of whole army photos popping up on my Facebook feed, and it has finally helped me get up enough energy to take pictures of another of my armies. This time it's the Orcs and Goblins. 

Somewhere in the vicinity of 18,000 points, and over 1000 models. It took a while to fish them all out of the cabinets.

On the right we have the Goblin infantry and their various toys. I lumped all the squigs together, which makes for a bit of a riot of colour.
Then we move more into Orc territory, with a messy array of chariots and wyverns up the back.
And on the left we have the cavalry. They take up a depressingly small amount of the overall space. I clearly need more of them.
3 Skarsniks. Why not? It's a whole lot of Gobblin'. Gobbla-in'. Goblin?
And 2 Groms. This is what happens when you combine 2 collections.
OK, so 3 of these dudes were mine anyway. But it does feel like Attack of the Clones...

I think that's 32 fanatics there. Not really a usable number. I clearly need more units to hide them in.
I haven't made use of the bat-riding goblins yet, but I will. They're too cute to ignore.

This army is a bit different from my others. My greenskins are basically the only army I have with a reasonable number of models painted by other people. Most of my armies are entirely my own work. But quite a lot of these models were acquired second-hand, and in such a state that I see no real reason to repaint them. I might eventually re-base them to make everything more coherent, but for now I feel like everything it pretty usable. Still, knowing that someone else spent so much time on the models leaves me feeling... less proud of my own contributions. Especially given that a lot of the stuff I did paint here is either incomplete or speed-painted (or realistically, both). Many of these units were rushed into service for tournaments back in 6th edition, and I've never really gone back to spruce them up. 

The army as a whole is actually close to as large as my Empire, but it doesn't have the same muscle. There are definite gaps in terms of the number of Trolls, Boar Boyz and various other things. I have the means to fill these gaps, but effort and motivation will determine whether I ever get there.

As with the Empire army, I took a video of the stuff as well given how much there is. One day I will get better at this. But it is not this day...