Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Blood Bowl High Elves

The world continues to spin, and we seem to be cycling in and out of lockdowns due to COVID19. It has been some time since I last managed a game of Warhammer or Kings of War... Probably close to a year, really. However, we have recently started up another Blood Bowl league and I've managed a few games of that. I have even managed to build and paint a team!

All of these players are 3D printed from bits from Ilhadiel, who has been rather prolific in producing models for specific armies (Elves, Herd/Nature/Beastmen, Varangur/Chaos and various other odds and ends). The models tend not to have excessively elaborate detail, but they have a particular style that I quite like. In particular I do like the range of Elf helmets spread across the units.

This is a High Elf team, but I've also printed some slightly different parts with which I intend to build an Elf Union team for a friend in the same league. The models won't be terribly different, but I will obviously use a different colour scheme. And capes. Everyone likes capes.

(Well, maybe not everyone...)

Anyway, nowadays High Elf teams have Blitzers and Throwers and Catchers, and it all makes sense and is very boring. Back in the day those things were less obvious and more High Elven - Dragon and Phoenix and Lion Warriors, respectively. I used that as a queue for how I was going to assemble the models.

The bare minimum 11 players, but I was in a hurry to get a team on the field and I had some minor misprints that ensured I couldn't make any reserves immediately.
My Dragon Warriors, now just known as Blitzers. These are mostly assembled as intended, with Dragon Prince heads, torsos and limbs (with lances removed). The legs however, belong to something else. Might have been Wild Guard.
I had to get numbers on there somewhere, and these guys did not have helpful shoulder pads like most of them. I made do. At least I didn't write "kick me".
These are what are labelled as Lion Witches (basically lightweight female White Lions), with their dual wielded axes removed. These are my Catchers.
They have tails. Of course they have tails!
This guy is my favourite model, and he is less blurry in person (the grass is nice and clear though. You can tell my phone was trying). He is my Thrower/Phoenix Warrior. Traditionally thrower models are handling a ball, but I decided not to bother with that.
I'm not really happy with his number, but he needed one somewhere and there was no good spot. I did all the numbers like this - a blobby black version that would then serve as an outline for the white inner one. They're relatively legible, but this one is the largest and it shows how rough it is.
My Linesmen, who are all just basic Spearman and Sea Guard models. The arms didn't have a wide variety of poses. In fact, some of these guys are actually one piece "monopose" dudes, with the spears removed. So no, they're not exciting. But it helps to highlight the other guys.
Numbers on the shoulders, which works better than smack on the middle of their backs.
I do have some reserves on the way, but as you can see, they're a bit behind. They'll probably get based and undercoated alongside the second Elf team.

Thus far my team has not covered itself in glory, but there is still time for that. And if they don't, well it was nice to actually get some hobby work done again. Maybe it's a sign of things to come.


  1. Damn, all of these are 3D printet? Really need to get myself into that

    1. Yep, only the bases are not printed (and I'm sure they could have been). Things have come a long way in this field!