Thursday, 1 April 2021

A Tale of Two Taverns

It all started over a pint. Well, it was an argument over a pint. Actually, there were two pints, and they were arguing with each other. Yeah, that's it... Barkeep! Another!

It has been a long time since I committed to any form of hobby challenge. It's time to change that. My friend Noakes and I have decided to embark on a sort of hobby duel regarding two rival taverns. Probably the taverns are from different towns. But let's not bother with the details for now. The point is, right now we are planning to spend the month of April each painting up a regiment based upon the patronage of a particular pub. As of a day or two ago, none of the models had anything more than an undercoat on them. Here are some starting photos...

The patrons of the Fleecy Half Pint, which is Noakes' tavern. Apparently they are led by the baron, who is the guy in the middle with the eyepatch, and who is not in fact a baron at all, but a little guy with a fancy house and an ego. You may in fact observe that they are all quite short. Also, the banner pole really needs to be straightened...
This is the start of my own contribution - the patrons of the Brass Farthing. These guys are in no way the 20 militia who happened to already be based and undercoated. No, sir. We have standards, here. Actually, no we don't. But we will have a standard. There is a plan.
It wouldn't be me without a unit filler, so here we have the start of the filler for this particular unit. The connection to the horse has already received some attention with green stuff since this photo. The horse is 3D printed, as is the wagon and barrel. I'll put some sort of guard in the space next to the horse. I haven't decided who yet.
I knew I had an innkeeper to print somewhere, and eventually found him down there on the right. For that matter, look at the Dwarf next to him. Isn't he magnificent? I decided I would print him too. He owns the tavern.
Here they are, in all their transparent glory. They have some catching up to do, as does the wagon. And the aforementioned standard bearer. We'll get there. It's early days...

Honestly, right now I'm feeling more motivated from a hobby perspective than I have in a long time. Hopefully I can make use of this. If I can get this regiment of about 30 guys done this month, that will feel like another step in the right direction. Wish us both luck!

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