Thursday, 15 April 2021

Hobby Update

We're well into the month of April, and I'm happy to say that my effort for the Tale of Two Taverns is well under way. I made a lot more progress over Easter than I expected, and I honestly feel like I can take it a bit easy for the rest of the month. This isn't my proper post for the challenge - this is just a bit of a general hobby update. Just in case you thought I had forgotten about you.

This is Grubbi Geldsson, the owner of the Brass Farthing. He's not very nice, but he dresses very nicely. You can sort of see some of his patrons behind him. See, I'm making good progress!
I've actually painted a unit of 30 already, but realistically my Empire army is built around blocks of 40 (or even 60). So I have decided I have time to round the unit up to 40 before the month is out.

As I'm painting, I am also making progress on the printing front. I'm currently in the middle of a major undertaking. See if you can spot what this is...
Whatever it is, it's not small...
And it comes in many parts.

Truth be told, there is plenty on the painting table at the moment. In addition to the militia, there are two entire Blood Bowl teams wanting my attention (both being used in the league by other people), and additions to my own team that need work. If I get through all of that before the end of the month, I really will be doing well.


  1. I want to say airship? But it could be a watership O_O Either way, check out that hull!

    Props on the painting as well, Grubbi is quite nice.

    1. You are close. It is indeed a ship. But not an airship, and not a water one...