Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Well I have certainly been lax in terms of the blog recently! Sorry about that, I am still trying to recover from a bit of hobby burnout after the Duelling Gamers, and I seem to have had a lot going on elsewhere.

To make up for it a bit, there will be a battle report appearing in the next day or two. Not a massive one - just a sensible 2500 point game.

In terms of painting, I am struggling away on an Arachnarok. It's been a very frustrating model to paint. I didn't plan it very carefully beyond "I think I'll make it red", and it turns out these things have far more detail on them than I would ideally like. Spiders and Goblins everywhere. I had the spider looking mostly painted after one or two moderate sittings, but then came a wave of details and fiddling that make little visible improvement. Still, the spider himself is now basically done...
Pretty much there, right? He's even got static grass on his base!
Oh, wait a minute...
Unfortunately there is still the howdah full of Goblins to go. These guys were what broke me during my most recent painting session. It really would have been better to paint them before they were glued together. Sigh. Hopefully another session or two and I can call this thing finished. Then I just need to work up the courage to paint the second one, which also has its crew already glued to the howdah... :(
Curse their beady little undercoated eyes. So much fiddly on one impressive model.


  1. Rookie mistake! bet you kicked your self for that one.

    Beautiful looking spider, great paint job.

    1. Ah, I hate trying to plan painting things before they're assembled. That would require, you know, thinking! I normally get away with gluing it all together first, though. This time I am being punished.

  2. Keep it up mate, your Blog updates have been missed on my lunch breaks!
    Lovely work on the Arach! Speaking from the one that I finished last year, the pain will be worth it!