Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Battle of Heffengen - Part 4

This post is part 4 of the report on the Battle of Heffengen. You can read part 3 here.

Chaos Turn 4
Walach Harkon's Blood Dragons
  • Wal Walach Harkon
  • Ter1 Terrorgheist
  • Ter2 Terrorgheist
  • Ter3 Terrorgheist
  • Ter4 Terrorgheist
  • BK1 7 Blood Knights
  • BK2 5 Blood Knights
  • BK3 5 Blood Knights
  • Blk1 15 Black Knights
  • Blk2 10 Black Knights
  • Blk3 10 Black Knights
  • BC Black Coach
  • Vg1 Varghulf
  • Vg2 Varghulf
  • Geist1 8 Vargheists
  • Geist2 7 Vargheists
Chaos Turn 4. The Blood Dragons arrive.
The arrival of Vlad’s undead legions that had been hiding in the river had not provided the decisive swing he had been hoping for, however he was still confident. The Chaos invaders were now engaged on two fronts, and it was only a matter of time before they were overwhelmed by the teeming ranks of dead in their flank. Baltasar Gelt had done his work well, using his growing necromantic powers to drive the army onward with relentless force.

It was with some satisfaction then, when he noted the timely arrival of Walach Harkon and his Blood Dragons from the north. It appeared they had been shadowing the Chaos invasion and had chosen now to strike the enemy from behind.
OK, so nobody had a suitable model ready for Walach. My dragon prince champion got a quick bit of re-colouring and a promotion!
Things are about to get even more congested on the eastern flank.
As the chimera leaves, 3 terrorgheists arrive to take its place.
And another terrorgheist, just because.
Vlad’s self-satisfied smile quickly fell from his face when Harkon’s forces swept past the exposed rear of the Chaos army and instead engaged his own undead in the flank, cries to Khorne coming from their mouths and naked bloodlust in their eyes. He had been betrayed.

The Blood Dragons arrived in a storm of beating wings and a thunder of hooves, with the majority of their forces making straight for their fellow undead in an attempt to relieve the Chaos regiments fending them off.
Var-things to the rescue! Vargheists and a varghulf swing the combat well into Chaos' favour.
Blood knights crashed into a massed horde of zombies as they struggled to emerge from the river, their steel-clad formation driving deep into the mass of living cadavers as they pawed and grasped at them futilely. A flock of vargheists attacked the flank of the grave guard fighting the Slaaneshi warriors, whilst a varghulf barrelled into their front. Dozens of the wights were hacked down by this new assault, combined with the sweeping halberd blows from the Chaos warriors. They fought back relentlessly (as did the wraiths alongside them) but it was a losing battle and their numbers began to dwindle as the necromantic magic binding them to Gelt began to unravel under the pressure.
Walach Harkon heads straight for Vlad's bodyguard whilst a vargulf uses a corpse cart as a springboard to join him.
Walach himself swept over this struggle and into the flank of Vlad’s own bodyguard of grave guard. He was joined by another varghulf, which charged through the shallows of the river, crushing the corpse cart along the way. They crashed into the melee with splintering force, greatly relieving the pressure on the Tzeentch chosen who had been trying to hold their ground. Realising his position was already in jeopardy thanks to the actions of the traitor Blood Dragon, Vlad roared out in frustration and tore the throat from the Chaos sorcerer lord before him. Dozens of his grave guard were crumbling around him and he was largely powerless to prevent it.
The zombie dragon about to get to work, eating the grave guard.
Vlad managed to jump into a challenge with the Tzeentch sorcerer lord and took his general displeasure out on the poor guy.
The river starts to fill up with the re-deaded undead
Where did all my grave guard go?
The free daemon prince is still going. Now he's joining the forsaken to help fight the mournfangs.

Having finally dealt with the remaining leadbelcher, the wounded daemon prince ran across to 
assist the forsaken that were fighting a losing battle against the ogre mournfangs. Its arrival was too late however, as the the forsaken turned and ran even as it leapt into the fray. The forsaken fled frantically through and around ongoing engagements and regiments from both sides, before finally emerging behind their own lines.

The giant fighting the hexwraiths by the river flailed uselessly at them, sweeping the tree trunk he used as a club through his ethereal opponents. He was clearly too daft (or drunk) to realise that his efforts were futile. For their part, the hexwraiths found the giant to be made of sterner stuff than most human-sized targets, and they failed to strike a telling blow.
The flagellants take on 2 Khorne units at once.
The flagellants charging into the Khorne chaos warriors found themselves fighting on two fronts as another regiment of Khorne worshippers rushed in to support their brothers. Both sides threw themselves in frenziedly, and the carnage was impressive. Some fifteen flagellants were hacked down by the swords and halberds of the north men, but more than two dozen chaos warriors were smashed to a pulp by the frantic flailing of the flagellants. Even the devotees of Khorne could see the writing on the wall, and both units turned and fled. The flagellants scampered after the larger regiment as it departed through its own lines, eluding their pursuit.
The retreating forms of the Khorne halberd warriors. They fled very speedily.
Ogres flank a regiment of Khorne warriors, but are rescued by Nurgle chosen.
The ogre regiment was less fortunate in its engagement, as it was flanked by the chosen of Nurgle even as it crashed into the flank of a band of Khornate warriors. Seven warriors were felled by the charge of the ogres, but the damage they sustained was worse, and their position was untenable now that they were fighting on two fronts. They turned to retreat, but were too slow and they were hacked down by their pursuers. The ironguts had more success than their kin, finally working out which way to hold their great weapons and bludgeoning the wounded chimera to death.
Get out of our way!
The ironguts reform to face the murderers of their ogre kinsmen.
The wolfygryphs are counter-charged by a chimera.
The large regiment of demigryph knights who had so successfully rescued the greatswords had their progress brought to an abrupt halt when they crashed into a solid formation of Chaos warriors and were then flanked by the chimera that had been lurking behind the front lines. The monster tore into the side of the unit, felling both of the knights that turned to try to fend it off. This combined with the press of Chaos warriors to drive off the demigryphs, who turned quickly to retreat and managed to escape, although their standard bearer perished as he fought to defend the regiment’s banner.
Insert yelping dog noises here. At least they got away.
What sort of formation do you guys call that? Doesn't look legal to me. Lazy daemon players.
The hideous struggle between the minotaurs and the White Wolves continued, even though both sides were all but spent. Bloodied corpses lay all around, making footing treacherous for the few survivors as they hunted each other down. The doombull waded into the knights with savage blows, however in his blood-addled rage he allowed himself to become separated from his comrade and the remaining knights surrounded him and pummelled him down with a rain of hammer blows. A single bloodied minotaur remained standing, facing off against a mere handful of knights.
There were so many of them once...
The greatswords feed themselves to the bloodcrushers.
The heroic efforts of the greatsword regiment came to a close as they reached the waiting bloodcrushers, and were mercilessly crushed by their daemonic opponents. It was all over so quickly that somehow the map couldn’t keep up (or I just missed it for a turn)...
The Teutogen guard are flanked by a ton of plaguebearers as soon as they reach the bestigor.
The Teutogen guard fared little better. Having charged bravely into the waiting bestigor, they were immediately assailed from the flank by a droning horde of plaguebearers. Any chance the Empire soldiers had of pushing back the enemy were immediately dashed, and they were instead left fighting for their lives as the Nurgle daemons pressed in. Already the situation was desperate, however the discipline of the Teutogen guard held and they fought on.

Their courage was all the more impressive in light of what was occurring on the hill behind them. Karl Franz had chosen a new position behind the front lines but made no attempt to hide, apparently confident that the daemon cannons were no threat. A chorus of sinister laughter seemed to carry on the breeze as one of the supposedly incapacitated skullcannons of Khorne swivelled about and pointed toward him. The eyes of the bloodletter crew glittered malevolently as they opened fire. The shot flew straight and true, and the emperor was blasted unceremoniously from his saddle with the shot also dealing a nasty blow to his loyal griffon mount. Cries of dismay and panic erupted as men moved to check on the state of their fallen leader. It was apparent that the Empire centre could rely no longer upon his presence. The men would have to trust in their own courage.
Urgh! Man down!
That's what you get for lurking up on the hill, Karl. There was some confusion over whether both skullcannon misfires the previous turn were going to prevent them firing this turn. Some cunning misinformation from the Chaos players and plenty of confusion. Nick might have made more of an effort to engage had he known for sure. Maybe. He seemed to like that hill...
The tricksy Chaos artillery didn't have everything their own way, however. Two of the Hellcannons detonated spectacularly as they went to fire, hurling dazed Chaos dwarf crew and pieces of daemonic war engine all over the place. 

The beasts of Nurgle continued to try to make friends with the Reiksguard and the other Empire knights, however they persisted in poking at them with long pointy sticks and trying to repel their dangerously enthusiastic efforts. The spearmen and marauders remained locked in their dour struggle with neither side gaining a decisive advantage.
The flesh hounds had some friends who all decided to join the party at once.
The demigryph knights  that had sallied forth alone so bravely against the flesh hounds now paid the price for their temerity. They were mobbed by plaguebearers and marauders whilst a gorebeast chariot ploughed into their midst. Realising how alone they really were, the demigryph knights turned and fled toward the safety of their lines; they would continue their flight all the way off the field of battle.
A wave of chariots charges into the Reiksguard, swinging the combat back in Chaos' favour.
The efforts of the Reiksguard to rescue the swordsmen proved ultimately futile as the last of them finally broke and fled before being cut down by the villainous daemon prince. The knights were too busy to respond, as they were charged by a swarm of enemy chariots. Their discipline held before the onslaught, but the captain riding his pegasus decided it was time to leave and left them to fight on alone. He barely escaped being crushed as the skullcrushers smashed through the luminark in an avalanche of brass and steel.
The remaining swordsmen have had enough, and turn to run. Unfortunately the daemon prince is faster and hacks them up.
The skullcrushers make short work of the luminark.
The final fury lunged for the throat of the wounded amethyst wizard, but he managed to fend off the attack before the halberdiers around him speared the daemon and ended the threat that it posed.

The blissful, befuddled advance of Garrat Mecke was interrupted when he and his knights were charged by the Chaos knights of both Tzeentch and Nurgle, with Akkorak the Crow himself at their head. Mecke regained his wits just in time to level both his pistols and fire through the eye slits of two of the onrushing knights, however his expert marksmanship was denied by the unnatural protection that only Tzeentch could provide, and the north men continued their charge with no apparent ill effects.
Garrat Mecke's inner circle knights are charged by an equal number of Chaos knights, and promptly fail their fear test.
As quickly as Mecke himself had responded, the rest of his men had more difficulty shaking off the effects of their Acquiescence, and the fear of the enormous armoured north men bearing down on them overcame them. They fought feebly, whilst the knights of Chaos laid about them with savage abandon. The regiment’s warrior priest fell from his horse and was trampled by the sharpened hooves of the Chaos steeds. The battle wizard fared no better, spitted on the end of the ensorcelled weapon of a knight champion. Akkorak himself pressed in, his enchanted sword gleaming with barely contained power. Though he was sorely wounded, somehow Mecke survived the attack as the Chaos lord laid about him, cutting one of the Empire knights in half as though he were made of paper. 
Akkorak waded in with 10 strength 10 attacks thanks to the Sword of Antiheroes and the number of characters in the Empire unit. He split his attacks and rolled poorly.
The Empire knights quailed, but their general was still in his saddle. “Push them back!” he roared, a hand pressed against his wounded torso. “Drive them back in the name of the emperor!” Leading by example, he emphasised his words by firing another pistol point-blank into the face of an enemy knight before clubbing at another with the butt of the weapon. Around him his mean regained some of their composure and fought on, emboldened by the courage of their leader.

Next to this struggle, the halberdiers continued to press back against the weakened ogres and chimera. This time their blows found purchase and the remaining ogres were cut down. The chimera was not so easily dealt with, however. Two of the halberdiers struck good blows against the beast, but it simply shrugged them off before tearing them and several of their comrades apart. It was not enough to force the soldiers back, but neither side was going anywhere. The same could not be said for the volley gun that had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of the charge of the minotaurs. The fight was very short, which only served to heighten the rage of those minotaurs who didn’t get to fight, and the mob moved on to the next war machine, whose crew cowered in terror. Some of the handgunner regiments nearby saw a little too much of the slaughter and decided to fall back, some of them leaving the battle entirely.
11 minotaurs vs 1 volley gun. Not really a fair fight.
The griffon rider had dealt with one of the enemy chariots with contemptuous ease (or so he seemed to think) and now swept into the skullcrushers in search of “a more worthy adversary”. Unfortunately he found what he was looking for, as his mighty griffon was hacked out from under him with brutal efficiency. Standing unsteadily after being dumped rather embarrassingly on the ground next to his fallen companion, the rider looked around at the monsters closing in around and him and decided he was needed elsewhere. Clearly curious as to what was so pressing, the frenzied skullcrushers chased him straight off the field.
Mistakes were made...
Meanwhile, to the delight of numerous Sigmar-fearing flagellants and the satisfaction of doomsayers everywhere, the light of the approaching comet continued to blaze ever brighter in the sky over the east flank...
Baltasar Gelt lurks behind the Empire lines, offering moral support.
Sing for us, pretty birdy!
Random happy snaps, showing the Chaos advance continuing.

Empire Turn 4
Empire Turn 4
The emperor had fallen, the enemy had received unlooked-for assistance to counter Vlad’s intervention, and the line was being sorely pressed. It was not looking good for the Empire, but they were certainly not out of the fight yet.

The forces on the eastern flank responded aggressively to the enemy advances. A regiment of swordsmen bravely charged into the flank of the minotaurs as they dismantled another volley gun. The unit’s champion stood heroically against the gorebull and was dismembered spectacularly and the rest of the swordsmen also had little success. Their presence did prevent the minotaurs from continuing their rampage through the war machines, but when the minotaurs shifted their formation and turned to face their assailants, the wisdom of the plan was immediately called into question. A small group of archers witnessed what happened to the second volley gun and decided to depart, squealing in horror as they went.
The swordsmen bravely try to halt the advance of the minotaurs, who by now are already up to 6 great weapon attacks each...
Feeling his lifeblood seeping out through the wounds inflicted by the furies, the amethyst wizard threw all of his remaining energy into a potent Soul Blight that burst out in all directions, afflicting about a dozen different targets in the enemy army. The spell was irresistible, but it came at a cost as the loss of control wracked the wizard’s body and he finally collapsed.
Soul Blight? Bah! I will live forever!!
The chimera fighting the halberdiers felt its strength and vitality dampened by the effects of the spell, but it was not enough to stop it. Nor were the three blows delivered by the human soldiers, which the monster simply shrugged off as it continued to wade into their ranks. Though their numbers were dwindling and they were in an apparently impossible fight, the halberdiers fought on.

The Empire artillery continued to find targets in the advancing enemy. The daemon prince was no longer protected by the swordsmen it had been tearing apart and, despite dodging more than one cannon ball, it was eventually mowed down by volleys from the handgunners positioned on the hill above. Another chariot was also blown apart.
Several units move in to rescue Mecke's cavalry.
Seeing their general in trouble, several parties moved to offer support. A griffon, a pegasus and the celestial hurricanum all threw themselves into the Nurgle knights in the hope of swinging things in the Empire’s favour. Garrat Mecke himself fell, cut down by Akkorak’s battle standard bearer. The weight of Soul Blight seemed to rob the Chaos knights of much of their potency however, and they were forced back by the arrival of the reinforcements. Akkorak’s Tzeentch knights were far too frightened of their leader to turn and flee, but the Nurgle knights felt differently and broke. They did not get far however, as the charging Empire forces carried their momentum onward and cut them down as they fled.
The Nurgle slug knights ignore Akkorak's curses and turn to depart, but they don't get far.
Horde of greatswords against horde of Soul Blighted marauders.
As the Reiksguard continued to struggle futilely against the team of chariots arrayed against them, the greatswords sounded the charge into the approaching horde of marauders. Despite the momentum of the charge and the magical assistance provided by the death wizard’s sacrifice, the greatswords embarrassed themselves in the subsequent engagement. The cream of the Empire infantry were out-fought by the worst of the Chaos infantry, and they lost their nerve despite their famous discipline and fled. The marauders were clearly confused by what had just happened, and barely advanced as their assailants pushed through a regiment of halberdiers and departed the field.
You cowards! I can't believe I painted you all up for this...
Yeah, you better run.
Nobody is going anywhere, it seems.
The stalemate struggles toward the centre between the spearmen, marauders, knights and beasts of Nurgle continued whilst behind them there was a mad fluttering of feathers as griffons descended to try to shield the fallen form of the emperor and his wounded mount from any further harm.
The other griffons scramble to try to cover Deathclaw from more cannon shots.
We're running out of Teutogen guard here.
The Teutogen guard continued to hold their ground against the plaguebearers and bestigor pressing in around them, whilst the steam tank could do little more than sit stubbornly in front of the bloodletters as they hammered their blades against its pitted hull.
Is that all you've got? I see you've almost adopted a proper formation this time.
The final minotaur whirled about in a final frenzy before it was at least brought down by the White Wolf knights. The colossal struggle was over and the Empire soldiers had won, but at what cost? Only two gore-covered knights remained out of a regiment that had once numbered sixty. 
Victory, but at what cost? Those 2 knights were worth about 1350 victory points. This was not lost on Dave.
A bizarre scramble erupted on the eastern flank when Crom’s battle standard bearer and his entourage found themselves being charged by a host of spirits and an enormous pack of ghouls. Deciding this was a fight they couldn’t win, they turned and ran. They continued to retreat when a group of flagellants spotted them and made to head their way, before finding themselves directly in the path of a steam tank. Realising there was no escape, they held each other in a manly embrace (with armoured knees clattering together) when suddenly the steam tank pull up unexpectedly and they were granted a very lucky reprieve. The steam tank driver could be heard cursing and angrily banging something inside, before howling in pain and quieting to a whimper of pained disappointment. 
That blue unit in the centre is the fleeing BSB and his friends. Somehow the steam tank didn't make this distance with 3D6 movement. Lucky sods...
The spirit host altered their course and settled for tearing apart the fleeing remnant of one of the Khornate warrior regiments. For their part, the flagellants had realised they couldn’t catch the fleeing enemy and found a new target for their whips and chains - the ranks of Nurgle chosen with Crom the Conqueror himself at their head. Crazed enthusiasm met calm, detached grossness. A dozen chosen perished as the flagellants threw themselves into the fray, but half again as many flagellants met their end as the elite Chaos warriors wielded their halberds efficiently in return.
Get 'em! Doom etc!
Sadly most of the flagellants (and quite a few of the chosen) are no longer with us.
Valten and friends decide to join the party.
At the head of the only Empire cavalry regiment on the eastern flank, general Gottfrei Talb, Valten and Luthor Huss decided it was time to take a more active part in proceedings. Spurring their armoured steeds to action, they charged into a small regiment of Nurgle chosen warriors. The engagement was short and bloody, with the entire Chaos regiment wiped out by well-aimed lances and Valten’s shining hammer. The cavalry swept on without slowing, crashing into a contingent of Khornate warriors at the same time as Grub Kineater’s ironguts engaged them. This too was a brief affair, and soon the Chaos unit had been reduced to nothing more than a bloody ruin by the combined efforts for the Empire cavalry and ogres.
All set up for the pursuit or overrun.
The Khorne warriors before the enemy attacks start to land.

Flagellants try their luck at taking down the Daemon Prince Who Will Not Die.
What a mess. So to be clear, precisely 2 of the models in this photo are on the Chaos side.
Another mob of flagellants charged into the flank of the daemon prince attacking the ogre mournfangs, but even between the two units they were unable to finish off the already wounded daemon. The hexwraiths enjoyed more success as they simply sat and watched as the fool Chaos giant grew frustrated with sweeping his club through their insubstantial forms and instead took to trying to smear them into the ground by jumping up and down in their midst. This proved just as ineffectual, and eventually he lost his balance and fell over, hitting his head and taking him out of the fight.

The grave guard and wraiths collapsed completely as they were felled by the combined efforts of the Slaanesh warriors and the vargheists and varghulf that had come to their aid. The blood knights continued to wade through the zombies, who despite their enormous starting numbers were actually starting to thin a bit.
The ghoul emergency rescue party emerges from the river.
Vlad von Carstein himself was in a spot of bother. His entourage of grave guard was collapsing, he was in danger of being surrounded by the followers of Chaos and the traitor Walach Harkon was breathing down his neck. It was time for a dramatic rescue. A huge pack of ghouls erupted from the waters nearby with Vlad’s personal banner bearer at their head, and lunged at the varghulf that was shielding Harkon’s exposed flank. Vlad then tried to bolster their chances by using all of his considerable powers to try to force Okkam’s Mindrazor past the enemy defences. With this spell in place, the ghouls would annihilate the varghulf and Harkon himself would be in serious trouble. Unfortunately luck was not with him and his efforts caught the attention of one of the Chaos sorcerer lords, who drained the spell of its power before it could take effect.
The ghouls try to break through the varghulf, but the failure to force through Mindrazor made things much harder, as well as denying Vlad the chance to swap out of his own seemingly doomed combat.
Without the assistance of Mindrazor, the ghouls found the varghulf to be an immovable object. The brute savaged them as they leapt at it, tossing their crumpled forms around effortlessly and showing no concern for what little damage they could inflict in return.

The ghouls could not help him, and Vlad’s fate was sealed…Or was it? Harkon’s blade whipped out, the Chaos chosen pressed in, and the remaining grave guard were but a memory… But Vlad’s fallen form was nowhere to be seen. A moment later he reappeared amongst an unengaged ghoul pack, the great ring on his finger glowing an angry red as its power was called upon to preserve its wearer. The vampire knew he would have to be careful now; the ring’s power would take time to regenerate, and it would not be able to keep him in the battle a second time.
The chosen and Walach reform after their victory.
Oh that's right, I was taking the photo to point out where Vlad reappeared thanks to his Carstein Ring. Ignore the earlier use of this photo, which betrayed his fate before it was described. Rookie mistake.
And the comet… The comet was still on its way, with the glowing clouds overhead seeming to churn unnaturally as it grew ever closer.
That stack of dice there? That's the comet. Now with 14 counters on it (hence the growing dice tower to count it).
The 3 tenors, no doubt about to perform a lovely concert for some unfortunate audience.
The Empire generals. Sam looks like he's tiring, but Aaron seems to be going strong.
The chaos generals and most of the rest of us.
Come back here, Vlad! I'm not done with you yet!

You can find part 5 of the report here.

Turn 4 Original Notes

Turn 4 Chaos
  • Tzeentch knights led by akkorak charge mecke’s inner circle knights. mencke tried to glock shock two knights with his mad pistols yo but is stopped by a 6+ tzeentch ward save. makes the charge.
  • nurgle slug knights also charge mecke’s unit
  • chariots charge into knights fighting in luminarch combat
  • skullcrushers charge luminarch
  • minotaurs charge a helblaster
  • black coach and blood knight reinforcements turn up
  • plaguebearers, gorbeast chariot charge demigyrphs, flail marauders flank them 
  • Chris and his undead appear in a puff of smoke to make things even more confused. Chris runs out of space to bring anything else on. Barry the hound glares at stuff balefully.
  • breathless rules consulted.  chris has a pro strat yo.
  • Chriss’s Zdragon into gg.
  • varghulf into corpse cart
  • bloodknights charge zombies(?)
  • nurgle chosen into bulls khorne halbard into flags
  • nurgle dp into mournfang
  • unit finally moves off comet!!!! rhys goes mad with excitement!
Power: 20 (channels: 1)
Dispel: 17 (channels: 1 + luminarch)
  • phantasmagoria on mencke’s unit, dispelled
  • treason of tzentch on mencke’s unit, irresistible, a couple of horrors die
  • gateway on KF, dispelled
  • the comet… now has twelve counters. Greg declares the comet ‘stupid’.
  • cousins demands tribute of seven dice at the end of the phase.
  • Helish vigour on guys fighitng graveguard. Cast on 12. 3d6 dispell. Stopped
  • Vanhels on Mine General (walach). 11. Stopped.
  • rear helcannon blows up
  • front helpcanon kills some halberdiers, they pass panic
  • Mr. Franz cannon sniped by skillcannon. Oh dear.
  • Dave plans to cannon snipe the griffon now to get 100,000 VPs.

  • skullcrushers slaughter griffon, pursue rider off the board
  • minotaurs kill a helblaster, panic handgunners and more handgunners run off the table
  • mencke’s unit fails fear. champion kills mage. akkorak splits attacks, 6 on mencke, 4 on unit. mencke takes 2 wounds, unit takes 1. warrior priest (kicked to death by horses) and mage die. handful of knights die on both sides, empire loses but is stubborn.
  • halberdiers wipe out T1 ogres, wound chimaera twice. chimaera walks it off, kills 8, loses by 1 but holds.
  • demigryphs being mobbed by plaguebearers/gorbeast/marauders/etc lose, run 12”.
  • skullcrushers crush luminarch
  • chariots kill a bunch of reiksguard, chariot crew hurt peg rider, daemon prince kills some swordsmen. peg rider and swordsmen flee, reiksguard are stubborn.
  • Minotaurs smash through most of unit, doombull killed. 
  • Wolfygryphs flanked by chimera, break, escape
  • Teutogen flanked by 45 plague bearers, grinding.
  • Knights and beasts did like three wounds each
  • Other demigryphs flanked by marauders, front by chariot, plague bearers, break, escape
  • varghulf kills corpse cart and over ran into flank of vlad’s GG unit. And yes, GG DOES stand for Gippsland Gamers.
  • the long feared super long flee move from densely packed units occurs. It’s about 48 inches long. And involves the flaming forsaken.
  • zombies lose 20-30 from bloodknights. they care not.
  • varghiests, varghulf, chosen vs. gg and wraiths. vlad did a lot. like 24 wounds. massive slaughter to non-vlad undead.
  • vlad killed lvl4, gg kill 1 chosen from 27 attacks. lost by 15 now there are five left.
  • hexwraiths and giant bounce off one another.
  • bulls vs. khorne 2hw guys and nurgle chosen. 7 warriors dead, 1  chosen dead. 3 ogres killed. stomping. kills 1. chaos win by five, pursue. ogres flee 4. they are very caught. 
  • mournfangs vs dp achieve little.
  • flagellants vs k halberds and flammable nutters: 15 flagey deaths, 11 flammable nutters die. 14 halberders dead. both flee. big unit pursued.big halbard pimps escape.
  • chimera killed by ogres.

Turn 4 Empire
  • One steam tank misfires and loses all steam, other generates 4 points
  • griffon rider, a pegasus rider and the hurricanum charge the nurgle slug knights
  • fleeing peg riders rally
  • demigryphs fail to rally

  • spirit hosts and ghouls charge bsb unit, flees.
  • flagellants charge blue flaming men, who flee. redirect into  nurgle chosen.
  • ghouls and bsb charge varghulf.
  • flagellants into dp flank.
Power: 17 (channels: 3 + hurricanum)
Dispel: 11 (channels: 2)
  • death mage casts irresistible boosted soulblight (quad 6s), death mage dies to feedback miscast

  • comet still not down… sigh.
  • 6 dice mindrazor on ghouls, dispelled
  • 2 cannons overshoot daemon prince
  • cannon fails to wound nurgle chariot
  • handgunners kill soulblighted daemon prince
  • no shootage.
  • no shootage? there may be shootage. debate entered into. looks like no shootage, but do not quote me on that.
  • mencke dies to nurgle BSB, reinforcements kill a few chaos knights aided by soulblight. chaos loses by 3, akkorak passes, nurgle BSB’s unit fails, gets run down
  • chimarea takes 3 wounds (soulblight), walks it off, kills 5, halberdiers are steadfast
  • swordsmen flank minotaurs, champion dies twice to gorebull, helblaster dies, swordsmen stay on steadfast. panic awful halflings off the board.
  • Sorry. Got carried away there.
  • That thar minotaur kills four knights. And he be killed. Such gore. So blood. Wow.
  • teutogen grind. beast/knights nothing, everything was nothing until daves marauders made some dudes run who panicked  demigryphs off.
  • vlad died for your sins. but he got better.
  • Giant falls over after jumping a bit. He dies. By falling on ethereal guys, cause even in death, he is too stupid to be effective.
  • vlad and unit died, vlad back in ghouls
  • varghulf holds up other ghouls with bsb
  • gg and wraiths wiped out, no 5oom for reform
  • flageys run into chosen, lose a lot, but take some chosen down.
  • valten’s unit wipes out nurgle chosen, who kill warrior priest, then over run into khorne/ogre melee.
  • khorne 2hw guys vs. knights and ogres wiped out to a man.


  1. Wow... this is reaching new levels of epic.

    (hope there's something left to kill when the comet eventually drops)

    1. Don't worry, it comes down on something eventually...