Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes II - Pistoliers done! (4th update)

The final week of Duelling Paintbrushes II continues, and last night I had the rare opportunity to spend about 5 hours straight at the painting table as my wife was at work and our son was with his grandmother. I sat down at 6pm, and apart from a couple of breaks for food, I painted solidly through to 11:30 at night. And what do I have to show for it? 5 completed Pistoliers.

I took a couple of progress shots, but they're not terribly interesting. I just thought I might track things and pay attention to how long it actually took me to paint them. 
6pm: 5 Pistoliers, unpainted except for the bases (which I sneakily did last thing the previous night)
8:30pm. By this point I probably wasted half an hour eating, so this is about 2 hours of work. The horses and their leather components are painted, the metal bits are painted and washed, and I've done the green basecoat

Just like my failed efforts to properly chronicle my tournaments, I then failed to take another picture as I was slightly absorbed. By 10pm I know that I had done the basecoats on the yellow and red, and had washed almost the whole models in Devlan Mud. I was waiting impatiently for them to dry, and seriously considering locating the hair dryer.
11:30pm: They're done! Before the Devlan Mud had fully dried I was painting and washing the skin, then I started highlighting.
In all, my slightly weak effort to track my progress was probably unnecessary. It took me pretty much 5 hours to get them done. So apparently they take about an hour each. It was probably slower than I had hoped to get them done, but horses are always a bit tricksy like that. I'm reasonably happy with how they came out, however the dirtiness of the yellow is more apparent on these guys than the state troops I did before. I think it's just that there are fewer of them and so you see each guy more clearly. I'm not sure that it bothers me enough for me to go back and do anything about it later. Meh, who am I kidding? There's no way that's going to happen.

In practical terms for me, there are now 2 evenings remaining before Duelling Paintbrushes is over. It has occurred to me that with a slight reshuffle (dropping the 20 Free Company and a character from my original target and adding a Cannon), I can still hit 1000 points for the month. It means painting 6 infantry models. I can do that...


  1. Pistolly death- looking good. 5 hours- my back would probably snap after that.

    So reshuffles are allowed? Cool- I can upgrade my archers to Big 'Uns- that'll eat up few points. Nah, I should have it all done...

  2. All electric power to the Greg hailing frequencies! HUZZAH! You see, when the chips are down, you can paint almost as much in a day as me!