Sunday, 18 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes II - 2nd update

After my rather poor start to the painting challenge this month, I now have some momentum up. Not enough that I'm likely to actually achieve my original target, but I might now get to the point where I am not too embarrassed...

After finishing the 16 Crossbowmen during the week (Tuesday night, I think), I then started to tackle the Halberdier horde. My first batch was only 10 models, and I managed to get them done by the end of Thursday. I then decided that I'd much rather finish the unit in 2 more batches rather than 3, so on Friday I started to paint 16 more of them. Late last night (Sunday), I declared them finished.
26 Halberdiers. A bit of static grass will brighten their bases a bit, but I'll do that at the end of the challenge.

There is nothing wondrous about these guys, but I'm happy to feel like I'm making progress again. With a bit of application, I may actually get most of my target done before the month is out. In the long run that would feel like a win, even if I don't manage to do everything I set out to.

A few examples of 7th edition bodies making use of some older Empire components.
I've read a lot on the Warhammer Empire forums about how much people dislike the 7th edition State Troop models, and I'm inclined to agree. Their faces are ugly, some of them don't even wear shoes, they are festooned with useless details like hourglasses, skulls and bones, and every single guy is in the same stooped pose. They also hold their halberds in a strange way. I've broken up the monotony of the unit a bit by making use of some older components, largely from the Free Company set (which I guess is actually current, but has been around for many years). They'll also make the unit easier to rank up (another common gripe), even though they'll just occupy the back rank.

So, how are the others going? Here are some links to the latest updates from other Duellists. Most notable is probably Owen, whose reprehensible productivity has seen him complete his 1000pts of Skaven in just 13 days, and now he's looking at doubling it...
His original target completed
What he's up to now

Then we have JP, who is making steady progress on his Space Wolves. His most recent efforts involve some modelling.

Pete continues to work on his Retribution stuff for Warmachine, and seems to be on target.

Drew has been powering through his greenskins, and seems well on his way to painting 1000pts of Orcs-who-wish-they-were-Wood-Elves. His latest efforts involve Fanatics.

In addition to all these there are people who are allegedly working on Infinity and Bolt Action (and maybe some more 40K), but their updates are a little thin (even worse than me!)...

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  1. Huzzah! You have been shamed into updating at last! Which is more than can be said for the alleged hordes of others involved in the challenge.
    Also i think it only fair to warn you that i will start to paint the rat tank tonight. If i had gone with the normal doomwheel i would be a lot farther ahead as it would have been quicker to build.