Thursday, 29 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2 - finished!

Well, it's the morning of Friday the 30th November, and I'm already at work. I get on a plane to Canberra this afternoon, so that means I am officially out of time for Duelling Paintbrushes 2. But that's OK, because I am finished! And I was successful! Well, sort of...

My success here is only partial. I did manage to paint a legal 1000 point Empire army in a month, which was my original stated intention. However, the finished product is not the same as the one I announced at the beginning. I realised pretty early on that my original target was overly ambitious, and there was no way I was ever going to get it done. I kept painting however, and about a week ago I decided that I could still hit the 1000 point mark if I just reshuffled my target a bit. So out went a couple of characters and 20 Free Company, and in came a Great Cannon and a couple of magic items.
My completed 1000pt Stirland force. Excuse the poor picture; I was in a hurry this morning
My 1000 point legal force is as follows:

  • Wizard Lord (Level 3) with Talisman of Endurance, Warrior Bane (oh yeah, baby! The weakest of magic weapons for the fighter least deserving to get one)...
  • Warrior Priest with great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron
  • 42 Halberdiers with full command
  • 16 Crossbowmen with standard bearer
  • 5 Pistoliers with musician, outrider with repeater pistol
  • Great Cannon

TOTAL: 996 points

I am willing to admit, even after deciding to re-jig the army, I didn't think I was going to make it. Last night I painted the 2 characters from scratch, when I didn't think I was going to get a real chance to paint at all. It meant I was up late for the third night in a row, which was not ideal. But it's the sort of thing I end up doing in order to hit an ambitious painting goal.
The late addition that saved my painting goal. Hooray for it costing 120 points!
The Battle Wizard model is not one of my favourites. I always liked the even older models - the classic ones from the different colleges. This guy always seemed to lack character my comparison. I also didn't want to paint him - I've put it off before. He has a lot of details on him and it was hard to know where to start. In the end I was able to just force myself to start painting thanks to the knowledge that I was running out of time and he was standing in my way. If I'd had a different wizard model already undercoated at that point, I would doubtless have put this guy aside and done that one instead. Thankfully he's done now, however.
Battle Wizard
From the back
I managed to snag a second-hand Sisters of Sigmar Mordheim warband a while ago, with the express intention of using most of the models as Warrior Priests. This lass is the first to make it to the painting table. I don't mind the model, although it's a little simple for an important character. Nevertheless, I'm happy enough.
My "Warrior Priest" - a Sister of Sigmar
The other side
I did start flocking bases last night, but realised that sleep was more important. So I still need to add static grass to 40 more Halberdiers. Then this mob will really be finished. All in all, I'm very happy with my painting efforts for the month, and somehow I don't even feel burnt out. That is excellent. Now we just need to see how much time I get to paint in December.


  1. Nice work Greg! They all look really good, can't wait to have a few mini scraps soon. I like the idea of using the Sigmarite Sisters as warrior priests; otherwise it'd be a shame to not use such cool models. Perhaps you could give flais to some and give vriation to your flagellants as well.

    Good luck to you and other HGC boys at the Masters!

    Also, now we share the boat of having things unflocked. Yay precedece!

  2. Greg,
    It's good to see that another Hampton-ite was able to so bravely stand up in the face of evil Owen's insidious challenge. God knows, I certainly wasn't up to it!
    Your obsession with the Empire continues to confuse me, but the result of the work is really cool. My only question is, "Why the green borders on the base?"

  3. You're the second person in a few days to ask about the green base edges. I gather they're not to everyone's taste.

    I like the green for a couple of reasons - it ties in nicely with the static grass that goes onto all the bases (in the end). The green gives the base a second strong colour, which helps add to the overall model, especially if the model itself is lacking in variety of colour.

    Also, given that most of the tables I play on are either brown or green, I like having both colours on the bases.

    The colour scheme I use is now uniform across all of my armies, to allow things to be interchanged (like Dogs of War) without looking out of place. The reason behind this is sound, even if it means some armies are not based ideally for their theme (some snow might have been appropriate on some of my Ulric Empire stuff). At this point it's not likely to change, given that going back and changing thousands of bases is beyond me.

    As for my obsession with Empire, I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before on the blog. It's all in aid of playing very large games, some of them the famous "historical" battles in warhammer lore. Such a goal needs painted models, and I'm persevering in order to try to make it a reality...

    And yes, Owen is indeed insidious. And his output is preposterous. It's just not right...

  4. Huzzah! The noble Gregor of the House of Hoodling has met my fiendish challenge!

    As to green edged bases, when Greg commenced to play the game, all bases in White Dwarf were finished thus, so it might just be that he considers green edges make things look 'right'. I think it adds a nice retro feel to his armies, which, in light of his stated preference for older more characterful models makes perfect sense.

  5. Very nice army! I love the colour scheme, simple but effective!