Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes II - 1st update

This will be a bit of an experiment, as my computer is currently busy doing other things, so I'm posting from my phone. Bear with me...

Well, my start to Duelling Paintbrushes has not been everything I might have hoped. After setting myself a very steep target, I shot out of the gate and got 16 Crossbowmen mostly painted within a couple of days. Then I stalled. There were things on, and I didn't find any time to sit down at the painting table. Then Halo 4 came out on the 6th. I really should have factored that into my plans. Oh well. Anyway, that lost me a few evenings.

I'm actually away on holiday for a few days at the moment, and I am only now getting any real progress made. And we're already halfway through November. I am quietly admitting to myself that there is now no way that I am going to achieve my ambitious target. Nevertheless I shall soldier on and try to put a serious dent in the tally.

I'm reasonably happy with how the first unit has come out. They're also effectively my test models for the yellow and green Stirland scheme. The approach was fairly simple - the yellow with Iyanden Darksun, washed with Devlan Mud, then highlighted with Golden Yellow. Yes, I am still living in the past, using the old paints (or their Vallejo equivalents). The green is a similar approach - Dark Angel Green, Devlan Mud and a Snot Green highlight. None of it is fancy, but it will do the trick.

The next target is the large Halberdier unit. I've decided to do them 10 at a time, and the first batch is underway. Only 32 more to go... Sigh.

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  1. Finally! :)
    Looking good, Greg!

    Blogger on the phone is good, but I the photos! They do not embiggen!