Monday, 26 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes II - 3rd update

November is rapidly disappearing; we are now into the final week of Duelling Paintbrushes II. My updates have been few and far between this time around, however I have still been trying to make steady progress so that I would at least have something to report. And that's what this is - a progress report!

It's been more than a week since my last progress update, but it's taken me that long to reach the target I set out then. I have completed the final wave of 16 Stirland Halberdiers. This means I now have 42 in the unit. It's not enough for an effective unit in a proper battle, however with a decent unit filler the regiment will be a good, solid size.
The final 16 Halberdiers rank up for the camera

All 42 Halberdiers, somewhat tediously ranked up together. These current plastics really don't line up all that well, especially when most of them were assembled by a previous owner...

I'd love to tell you that I've discovered the key to painting these 7th edition plastic State Troops over the course of this challenge, but the truth is that there have been no real revelations. In fact, even as I type this I am remembering something I forgot last night - I neglected to paint the brassy bits on the hourglasses, lanterns etc that these silly soldiers insist on lugging into battle. I guess that will be a task for tonight.
Grrr, we are fearsome and ugly and have very few teeth. Fear us!
The challenge finishes on Friday, however I won't have a chance to paint that day as we will be flying up to Canberra in the evening after work. So realistically there are only a few evenings left for me. Not enough to achieve anything huge, but I am still going to have a crack at painting the 5 Pistoliers in my original target. If I can get them done, I will feel like I've done fairly well for the month. A few characters would be even better, but we'll see how I go tonight.


  1. I fear them and their lack of teeth!

  2. You should also fear their terrible breath and generally poor hygiene (not accurately represented on the models)...

  3. I thought in that picture of 16 halberdiers that one in the back was just really really tall...then I remembered math and that there was 16 of them. DOH.