Friday, 28 February 2014

Adding to the Reiksguard

Over a year ago I resolved to paint myself a regiment of Reiksguard, as they were one of the few gaps remaining in my Empire army. I started doing 16 at once, figuring it was a relatively manageable number, and was probably more than half of the final number I would aim for (30 seemed a good final target). Anyway, it took me a long time to get them done, and in the end I only completed half of that first wave. The others sat in my pile of half-painted stuff, glaring at me and making me feel guilty.

Well I can now say that I finally got around to finishing those half-painted Reiksguard. Now they can go back in a cupboard and hope for a chance to play in an actual battle. Wouldn't that be a thing? Of course, right now I am trying to steer myself away from Empire and focus on some other things, so who knows when I will actually get around to using them...
8 more painted Reiksguard Knights, led by the old model of Kurt Helborg himself.
Given I have the newer, rather snazzy model of Kurt Helborg, this guy is doomed to spend his life as a unit champion, or maybe (if he's lucky) a Captain. He does have a good moustache, though.
These guys are certainly not masterpieces. There were plenty of places I messed up, and couldn't be bothered going back and fixing (although I did correct some things, like trying to sharpen up the white lines on the shields because it really adds to the look of the unit). In general, the unit really was a case of "close enough is good enough". And they will look fine on the battlefield. Extra highlighting and cleaning up mistakes wouldn't add enough for me to justify it. I have other unpainted things wanting my attention. Maybe some Dwarfs next...


  1. They look pretty good from here. Thanks to this post I finally got some of the lizardmen painted over the weekend who have been glaring at me for the past month.

    1. Yeah, you don't want to leave them half-painted for too long, or they will get grumpy and betray you on the field...