Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Frosthearted Filth

Having had a High Elf army for many years, my army has many bases covered in terms of painted models. However, I had not yet painted any of the new toys that appeared in the latest book. Over Christmas and my birthday a few weeks later, I managed to get my hands on a number of those things. Now I just need to paint some of them.

I figured I should start with one of the most significant (broken?) additions to the High Elf army - Frostheart Phoenixes. I was given an additional shove by someone wanting to borrow them for an upcoming tournament, which helped me get around to actually doing them. As usual my focus was more on getting them done than making them a work of art, so there was a fair bit of drybrushing involved. On the bright side, it meant they got done very quickly...
Double the filth! 2 Frostheart Phoenixes, each with a different head.
I started with the vague notion of making them slightly different, though still icy, colours. I probably imagined working more variation into the models with things like purple, but in the end I kept it simple.
This one scored a hat. In both cases I decided to use a brass rod to hold the model aloft, and bore it into a nice heavy resin base. Should help them be pretty stable.
This one was basically painted with variations of the old Hawk Turquoise up to white.
A bit of a look at the belly of the beast.
The heads and claws were about the only bits that were not just done with drybrushing.
The second Phoenix was done with a base of Scaly Green. I think that colour has actually been gone for a long time now. Turns out the models swivel more on the stands than I might have hoped. They're still OK, but I hope they don't loosen too much - the rod isn't glued at either end.
No hat for this guy. Sucks to be him.
The back plate of the Phoenix just behind the head is different if you want to put a rider on the monster - it includes a saddle instead. I didn't want to commit to a rider or not, so I magnetised them both.
Both of them look like this under the backplate.
So that's all for now, just a little painting update. Next post will doubtless be another part of the Cancon report.


  1. Both look great, but I really like the turquoise one.

  2. They both look very nice, good job!

  3. Thanks guys. Happy enough with them given how quickly they came together.

  4. Nice work. They both look great, but I am a bit partial to the blue one. I am interested to see how the brass rod works out for you. I went with the plastic flying stand, but I am a bit worried that it's going to snap. I might have to go this route instead.

    1. The way I've done it feels like it's going to work pretty well. Obviously the stand itself won't break. The thick, heavy resin bases gave me plenty of material to drill into, so the stand shouldn't come out easily and the weight means the models are really very stable - far more so than if they were just on the plastic bases they came with.

      Biggest question mark will be at the Phoenix end. I drilled up through the existing hole, but given the model is hollow, I don't know how much more grab that will give it. I then filled in the existing (larger) hole around the rod with green stuff. At the moment it feels like it grabs the stand very well, but it might loosen or get damaged over time. For now I am happy, anyway.